Health & Wellness Center

Shop a wide range of quality products for holistic living in our FUEL UP wellness center.

FUEL UP at Gym On Main

OPEN FROM 8am - 6pm, Monday thru Friday (extended hours for members through the main gym entrance)

Open to the public with a rewards program for our members and regular customers.

"Fuel Up" at the Gym On Main Health & Wellness Center. This center is a convenient hub for your favorite workout snacks and drinks. Free samples of our inventory are available to help you make an informed purchase.

Protein, amino acids, preworkouts, supplements and healthy snacks to fuel your workout are available before, during and after your workout. Or proudly display your accomplishments with a Gym On Main t-shirt!

Workout Supplements

We carry Muscle milk, Isogenix, Pure protein, Combat and your other favorite workout support supplements and snacks!

doTERRA Essential Oils

doTERRA Wellness Advocates Maxine Bates and Mollie Halterman will give you free samples and guide you through the best supplements to maximize your efforts in the Gym and in life.

Essential oils are a mainstream way to integrate botanicals into your health care and exercise performance. Top quality essential oils can be tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Purchase doTERRA products conveniently at retail pricing anytime, or set up a wholesale account for discounts and points towards free products! Inquire about becoming a wholesale purchaser or Wellness Advocate by contacting us.

Request an appointment time with Mollie or Maxine for a one-on-one, individualized consultation about the benefits that can be provided by essential oils and supplements.