As a gym, a question we get asked a lot is “Do I really need a Personal Trainer?” Here are 11 ways having a personal trainer can help you with your fitness goals:

  1. Education - Being educated on which exercises are necessary, and how to perform those exercises properly, is key to being able to successfully achieve your goals. Education and guidance on performing these routines is also essential in reducing the risk of injury.

  2. Form - Having a personal trainer beside you to help you achieve the correct posture is necessary to maximize results and make your workouts more effective and efficient.

  3. Individualized help - Everyone is unique and has different ability levels and goals when it comes to working out. Old injuries, current physical condition, and health factors are all important to consider and a personal trainer has the experience to work within those constraints.

  4. Set realistic goals - A personal trainer will help plan things like diet, cardio, weights, into your overall goals so they can become achievable in a realistic timeframe.

  5. Event training - Many casual and professional athletes alike want to get their bodies in the proper condition for upcoming fitness events like triathlons, marathons, 5k runs, mountain climbs, sports competitions, etc. A personal trainer is a perfect tool to get ready so you can perform at your peak.

  6. Accountability - Having a friend goes a long way in keeping you going on those days you just don’t feel like exercising. A personal trainer takes accountability even further, and helps you stay committed to your goals.

  7. Save time - Many people will wander into a gym and slowly drift from place to place, not taking full advantage of their time there. Most of us are too busy to waste time we could be spending with friends and family! A personal trainer gives you a plan and a purpose so you can maximize results and minimize the time required at the gym.

  8. Nutritional advice - A personal trainer can also help you with diet, and break down calorie, protein, and vitamin intake to help your body recover and prepare for every workout. At Gym on Main we also provide many supplements and doTERRA essential oils to aid in overall health & well being.

  9. Improve mental health - A personal trainer can help you stay motivated, inspire you, and act almost like an “unofficial therapist” to help you overcome your personal mental roadblocks that we all inevitably hit along our fitness journey.

  10. Forming good habits - It takes weeks, even months, to form good habits and break bad ones. Having a trainer is like having an angel on your shoulder to help you change your habits!

  11. Challenge - Having someone by your side to push you and challenge you helps you break mental thresholds when you think “I can’t do it!” A personal trainer will help you when you think you’ve hit a plateau, or when you think your body cant accomplish those last few reps. Having someone to push you helps you discover new limits and possibilities you didn’t realize!