Gym On Main Classes

Our inviting, tight knit membership and wide selection of classes will inspire and equip you to reach your fitness goals.



Taught by Jenny, Spin class is appropriate for all fitness levels. Make it easy to pedal and take an easy bike ride "through the park" or crank up the intensity and climb the highest mountain. Your fitness level determines your workout, it this upbeat class that you are sure to enjoy while you get in the best shape of your life!


These classes are taught by Alice, Tenesha and Mollie and combine a cardiovascular workout along with strength training, balance and agility. Again, any fitness level is welcome, with modifications to reduce or increase intensity provided by the instructors. Come one- come all and enjoy getting stronger in heart, muscle and mind in these fun, easy to follow classes!


Taught by Corrie, this class is specifically designed with your core health and strength in mind. Exercises are geared toward strengthening your abdominals, back and overall "girdle' of muscles that are the foundation of the health and strength of your entire body. Come get more balance in your life and start your week off on Monday morning in this great class!


Diane leads this class that is focused functional movement with less pain! Enjoy the social and physical aspects of getting together with a great group of positive people while you work on strength, balance, agility and sustainable health practices. Appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.


Taught by Mollie and Leah, this is a weightlifting/strength class to help you build lean, supple, strong muscle tissue while improving posture and range of motion. Machine weights and free weights will be incorporated and will help you learn proper form and set you at ease in the gym by guiding you through progressive strength training.

Meditative Tai Chi

John will lead the way through this journey of connection between mind and body while focusing the balance of mental and physical health. Enjoy learning to move and breath properly, clear your mind and have a general sense of well being that will make your life better!